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Dear Frank:

I just want to say thank you so much for all your expertise in training for 'Winnie' and all other future "superstars" of the Edward Hospital Pet Therapy program. At least in my eyes, she is a superstar already. Every time I mentioned "school", whether practicing daily at home or coming to class each week, 'Winnie' just grinned from ear to ear.

It’s clear how much you love dogs (and all animals), and your enthusiasm is very contagious.

Thank you,
Linda D.

It's our pleasure to be at Oak Trace –– we all just love Frank! He has done a great job in getting our pupsters trained!

Jean Jacobson


We are absolutely blessed to have you here. What a beautiful service to our residents! Keeping them young, involved and hopeful! Thank you so much! Frank is an angel.

Frank and Mary:

Thank you so much for the positive experience 'Sammy' and I had in your Beginner's Dog Training class.

Frank is an excellent instructor – knowledgeable, kind and patient. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.

'Sammy' did not really have any serious behavioral problems before class, but he had some little annoyances, such as not letting me brush his legs, brush his teeth, clean his ears and wash his face. Those annoyances disappeared as we became much more bonded. He also learned heeling, sit stay, down and stand for examination. We are both looking forward to the advanced class.

Thanks again,
Deb and 'Sammy'

Dear Frank and Mary:

What a great team you both have! The black German Shepard and his owner were in front of a local store. The man was standing and the dog was in the heel position. I approached and the dog remained quiet. I was impressed with the dog's behavior. When I asked about the trainer, "Frank Brader" was the answer.
The next time I heard the name was when I asked my vet about dog training. So 1 year old "Buster" and I were in your class. "Buster" is now 8 and still obeys the 6 commands.

Now, we come to "Lilly". I was rusty with the new dog. The training went nowhere, so we are both in your present class. I joined again for motivation. You expect quality from your human students and you motivate us to do that kind of work. Thanks so much.

Mary, you are so nice to talk to on the phone. Good PR and thank you for being so kind to "Lilly" during class practice. So little "Lilly" is on her way to becoming the first pip squeak seeing eye dog.

Just to say thank you again to both of you for expert advice and for enjoyable and productive classes. It was so good to be with healthy and energetic people for a change.

Darlene & "Lilly"

Just a note to let you know that Jasmine, the fourth Leader Dog for the Blind we have trained with the Brader Method, has graduated and is now working with her blind master in Fort Worth.

It is so gratifying to hear form these people how much they appreciate these dogs, or more appropriately, their new partners. There are four of them out there who have so much more freedom as a result of the fine training they got with us through you.

Did you know that half of all the pups Leader Dogs breeds and sends to volunteers like us for the first year do not graduate? Yet, with your help, all of ours have made it, and we have been told by the full-time trainers at Leader Dogs that after we turn in our pups they are always at the top of their graduating class.

The amazing thing is that we do very little more to get them ready than what you teach and the homework that you require. The beginning class is a great way to teach what I like to call the "Ten Commandments", and the advanced class really cements the behaviors. After the advanced class, our pups are rock solid!

You will be pleased to know that we met with our Leader Dog evaluator last week and our newest Brader student, Sunshine, is doing great and almost certainly will be our fifth successful guide dog. Thanks so much from my wife and me, from Sport and Juanita, Wags and William, Layla and Sylvia, and Jasmine and Anita!

Craig Goldwyn

It has been four years now since my dog Freida and I first started going to Frank Brader’s obedience classes. Frank’s effective training techniques and teaching style outmatch all other training classes I have attended. I highly recommend his classes to anyone interested in having a well-behaved dog that will be a rewarding companion for years to come.

I still remember when my husband and I first attended orientation four years ago, and we saw students demonstrating what their dogs had learned in class. We looked at each other in disbelief, and we thought it would be impossible for Freida to learn all those commands. Then, eight weeks later, she was able to do it all – sit/stay, down/stay (with a live bunny right next to her!), come/front, heel, watch me, stand for exam, etc. What we thought would be impossible became reality.

Since then, our rescue dog Hilde has successfully completed the basic and advanced classes, and now our puppy Emmett will be the newest student.

Frank is a phenomenal trainer and teacher. He projects a special energy to both his dog students and his people students. His innate ability and special rapport with animals enables him to effectively communicate with the dogs, and he so willingly shares his knowledge with the handlers and motivates them to learn and apply the skills he is teaching. He genuinely cares and wants both you and your dog to succeed.

Not only do you and your dog learn skills that you will use for a lifetime, you have fun while doing it and you establish a wonderful bond with your dog. In fact, Frank has many students who keep coming back year after year because his classes are enjoyable and it’s a night out with your best friend.

It is rare that I find a business or service that I feel confident in recommending, and Haus Von Brader Dog Obedience Training is one of those rare finds.

Wholehearted thanks from all of us!!
Tammy, Dave, Freida, Hilde and Emmett

Dear Frank,

We can't thank you enough… We learned so much! The lessons taught have helped us keep our dogs well mannered & obedient.

Thank you,
Sue & Jim, “Woof” Cody & Bull

Wow.. I just cannot put into words how grateful I am for Frank's expertise in helping me train our standard poodle, Zoey. She was super shy of people and had little to no boundaries or obedience training when we got her at 5 months old. She's 10 months old now and she's a completely different dog - in a good way! She's polite, obedient and a joy to be around all day.

Zoey and I looked forward to every meeting with Frank & Cedar and each time I walked away with the encouragement and tools I needed to keep moving forward with training.

Time will tell if Zoey is going to be a good therapy dog but with Franks instructions on how to socialize her, she's definitely on the right track!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Tina, Pudge, Zoey, Josey & all the pussycats


This class is very helpful and great for dogs. I think it is very precise and helpful.
Teagan, Junior Handler with Charlie

This was super fun! Julip is so much easier to handle! Thank you!
Bella, Junior Handler with Julip

Great Class! It's amazing what the dogs (and handlers) can learn in two 3-hour sessions.
Charlie & Pat with Yukon

Good class and amazing progress from 1st class to 2nd.

Excellent class – my dog responded well and I was very impressed with all the other dogs too. It is amazing to watch 20-25 dogs work in the same room and resspond so well!
Klinette with Nikki

Great Clinic! Would like to organize a mini-clinic in my area. Enjoyed it all and thanks for all the repetition – "I" need that!
Karen with Chris




Branson and His Nuns

We have trained dogs to various levels for over 20 years, from companion level up to competition.  It is hard to explain, but the more you know and learn, the more you appreciate the depths of Frank's insight, knowledge and technique. As breeders, we strongly recommend each pup go through Frank's course.  Even if there are closer classes, there are not better classes.  Traveling an hour to get to Frank’s class is well worth the time.

Dave, Karen, Afi, Muzzy, KoKo & Max

I am an experienced dog trainer, and I have raised three dogs for Leader Dogs for the Blind ( But I still take all my trainees and pets to Frank Brader's classes because even dog trainers need good training classes.

Frank teaches the best blend of positive and corrective training methods, and his class environment, and the expectations Frank has of me and my pups, insures that when they go back to Leader Dog school for finishing they will be fully prepared.

In addition to the guide dogs we have trained with Frank, we have also trained our pet Border Collie, a dog we got from the shelter, and she now holds three titles in competitive agility.

Frank Brader is a great dog trainer, and every dog owner should take both his beginning and advanced classes. If they did, there would be no bad dogs.

Craig Goldwyn, Brookfield IL
Sport, Leader Dog for the Blind in Mexico City
Wags, Leader Dog for the Blind in Arlington, VA
Layla, Future Leader Dog for the Blind
Molly, AKC Agility Titles: NA, NAJ, OA

February 14, 2005

My Miniature Schnauzer, Freida, and I just completed the basic obedience class taught by Frank Brader. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Frank is a phenomenal teacher. He communicates so effectively with both the handlers and the dogs. It is obvious that Frank loves what he is doing. He genuinely cares and wants both you and your dog to succeed. His energy and motivational attitude inspired Freida and me to faithfully do our homework.

Freida started the class when she was four months old. The only command she knew at that time was sit. When my husband and I were at orientation and we saw what those dogs had learned, we looked at each other in disbelief. We thought it would be impossible for Freida to learn all those commands. Now, eight weeks later, she can do it all – sit/stay, down/stay ((with a live bunny right next to her!), come/front, heel, watch me, stand for exam, etc. With Frank's instruction and guidance, the impossible became reality!

In talking to people who have taken training classes taught by other instructors, they are blown away when I tell them what Freida learned in Frank's class. They say they didn't get anything like that from their class. And, needless to say, people have a hard time believing the live bunny story! I'm glad I have a photo of Freida with the bunny as proof!!

Tammy & "Freida"

Dear Frank...

We wanted to send a note of sincere thanks on behalf of Chief (and ourselves) for the great obedience class we just completed. You are a terrific trainer….

A few short months ago Chief was an unwanted stray…just a sick and scared German Shorthaired Pointer wandering around…. Today, he has a safe home;…and now, thanks in part to your class, he's much more confident and relaxed. In short, he's a happy dog!

Again, thanks so much!
Jo Ann & David

Tuck is our two-year old Golden Retriever, born with limited sight…We recently enrolled Tuck, …in Frank Brader's beginner's obedience course…Frank helped both Carl and me learn how to work with Tuck, not only for him to learn the basic obedience behaviors but even more important, how to become socialized with other animals…We'll be returning every few months for a while yet, to repeat the advanced class and maintain Tuck's (and our!) grasp of the essentials of good canine behavior.

Thank you, Frank Brader and staff… for giving Tuck a new lease on life! You are “stars”!!

Carl & Caryn and of course, Tuck


Thank you so much for everything you gave to both Bear and me in this class. I revel in the fact that he almost died and now has become a great well-trained dog. Your class has been so enjoyable for both of us….

Michele & Bear

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